Juliu Horvath

Juliu Horvath, founder of the method Horvath, is a raised Hungarian in Romania. He began his professional career as a ballet dancer after competitors for years as a gymnast and swimmer.

Shortly after the defection to the USA in the late years 1960, Juliu gave up dance to continue the study of yoga. He quickly realized he could successfully combine the benefits of all these disciplines – swimming, gymnastics, yoga and dance – in an exercise system in which all major muscle groups work and interdependent in an integrated manner.
With this concept, he created its first exercise machine, a truly innovative and single piece of work-Tour of the pulley combined. Over the years, he has added several other machines of its range, all equally innovative and effective in maximizing benefits of exercises performed on them.
In November 2001, the adjustment ISO became the first centre GYROTONIC® in Asia to have the GYROTONIC® Jumping Council available for customers with its unique training platform sliding design that works in conjunction with parallel bars allows the exerciser to strengthen and tone heart and muscles of the trunk end and develops a sense of balance and coordination.
Juliu continues to run workshops throughout the world and its work is recognized as truly unique and innovative.
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