Studio Pilates De Cannes


Today, in the face of technical progress and globalization, the search for happiness and pleasure becomes fundamental to our personal well-being for all of us. We will run constantly after time without taking the time to enjoy the simple things in life, victims of the performance of society. This is why we are increasingly dedicated to the pursuit of happiness and well-being, the fundamental values ​​of our existence. Thus, Cristiane Domenici has created a Pilates studio in 1997, synonymous with pleasure that will bring you well-being and serenity. You can then discover and rediscover your body, see it change, lie down and refine without suffering. The studio combines clarity, warm atmosphere and conviviality encouraging a journey through you in search of your own inner path: happiness to live.”The Studio is located in the beautiful residential area of ​​Low California in Cannes. In a quiet residence with a beautiful garden in the courtyard. 5 minutes walk from the city center and 10 minutes walk from the train station. Free parking around the Studio.