Benedetta Arlin

I was born in Sierre (Switzerland) the 22nd. April 1977 with dual nationality, Italian and French.
After living with my parents in the Club Mediterranee for my first 4 years, I came to Campione d’Italia (Como – Italy) , where I live today.
Freedom , creativity, love for life and group spirit , all of which were part of my early life, came with me.
Sport has always been very important for me. In particular skiing, swimming, artistic gymnastics and water polo, but any sports activity was an opportunity for me to enrich my life.
I started playing tennis at 11 years old and played at an agonistic and competative level, eventually to become an instructor after taking all the Swiss Federation of Tennis certificates, from 1996 to 2003. Association Suisse des Professeurs de Tennis (ASPT).
In 1997 I completed Linguistic High School at Liceo Cantonale 1 in Lugano – Swizerland.
I then studied at the University of the Sacro Cuore in Milan where I took my degree in Physical Education (2001); followed by a Master in Expert Management for Sports Centres and Societies (2002), and finally a degree in Motorial Science (2003)
While at university I continued to take part in tennis tornaments in both Switzerland and Italy (Lombardy). I also taught tennis at the Tennis Club in Campione d’Italia, following the juvenile sector up to agonistic level and organizing tornaments as Tornament Director.
In 2003, I returned to Campione d’Italia and specialized in tennis coaching but I also wanted to keep a wider vision in the field of motorial activities. Infact I taught psychomotorial activities at the local Infants School (2002-2007) and gymnastics for over 65s, both in the gymnasium and the swimming pool. (2004-2007),(2009-2017).
In 2005 I fell in love with Pilates, which led me to abandoning tennis, too psychologically and physically stressful .
In Pilates I have discovered precision and harmony in movement, fluidity and balance, which all reflect my personality and my vision of movement.
From 2005 to 2007,while working, I also studied and obtained my diploma as a Certified Teacher of Pilates at the Covatich Pilates School of Anna Maria Cova. In Milan.
My thesis: The Pilates Covatich Method applied to Tennis.
I also followed courses at the Caroni Studio Lugano and Studi Cova in Milan.
In 2007 I went to Paris for 2 years where I worked at Art et Pilates ( 8 arrondissement), in close contact with expert International teachers from PMA schools. (peak pilates, balance body, stott,power pilates).
In 2009 I returned to Campione d’Italia and opened Studio Pilates Attitude.
I have continued to study and I took part in Pilates on Tour in Rome in 2009, receiving a certificate for Matwork at Pilates network ( Florence – Jolita Trhan 2011). I also took part in a workshop at Anathomy in 3 Dimensions ( Nora St. Jones in 2013), Inside Out Pilates Network (2013), Pilates Juction (Rimini 2016), and Nevro Movement ( McEntire Pilates in 2017).
In November 2016, I organized an Open Day workshop in my studio – Walking in stiletto heels, because I belive that the Pilates Method should be part of daily life.
During the preparation of this workshop, I discovered the Stiletto Accademy of Veronica Benini – Milan.
This course not only teaches one how to walk naturally on stiletto heels, but also posture and how to avoid problems when walking with this kind of shoe.
This course ( Method Franklin ) , allowed me to complete my knowledge on anatomic functionality.
I was therefore able to create a workshop “Pilates meets Stiletto” which I took to the Studiob de Cannes of Cristiane Domenici in Cannes in 2017., which led to a friendship and collaboration.
Finally, in order to divulge on the web the benefits of practising Pilates in movement and posture in daily life, I ama t the moment following a course called “ Smartwomen Business School” organized by Anh Thu Nguyen.